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A TIME AND PLACE…by Carl Gooch

A Time and Place

To whom does He speak?
To whom does He give warning?
Behold their ears are unopened,
His words they do not heed.

They set and mock His word.
They find no wisdom in it.
So when He returns again,
They will be found lacking.

I look and see the time coming,
I cry out with dry and empty breath.
My soul is filled with wrath,
I grow weary speaking to the dead.

The time is near, His people cheer,
As the lost run trembling in fear.
Be wise in spirit and give an ear,
Do not reject His holy words you hear.

He went to prepare a place for you;
Have you prepared a place for Him?
His people know His love is true,
Now He offers that love to you.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 22 July 2015