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Jeshua* paid the price

For all our sinful vice…

On the cross

Our sin was tossed

Far away–so nice!

But not for everyone

Jesus’ sacrifice was done…

Those who believe

In Him receive

What He hoped for everyone!

Too many skeptics browbeaten

By Evil through peers defeating…

Opening of eyes

To embrace Paradise,

Their salvation is fleeting.

Many blind claim to see,

Perhaps other deities…

There is ONE

By creating was done,

To Lord Jesus get down on your knees!

Why do fanatics destroy,

Monuments to our Saviour** boy?

Because they see

Destroy history,

Then for Christ it “can’t be employed”.

Even the very rocks

Shout of our Savior’s chops…

King of all kings

Heaven rings,

And never, no never stops!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Jeshua is the Hebrew version (more or less) of the name Jesus, which is Greek.

**Saviour…the European spelling of the title.  American spelling is “Savior”.



The Bible’s Genesis 1:1,

Tells how this world begun…

Word of God

And the Garden He trod,

Are not stories, human-spun.

Believe in the Pre-Deluge,

Genesis 1:1 becomes huge…

Faulter here

And faith won’t be there,

By faith you must choose.

Either the thing’s true,

Or liars have conquered you…

We cannot choose

Which parts to lose,

Disagree at this point and we’re through!

–Jonathan Caswell