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   (Psalm 8)

What am I that You should see

Anything, Lord, good with me…

My ancestral line

The world sees as fine,

But not as far as You see.

You have made us barely less

Than Your angels of holiness…

A little lower

And definitely slower,

Using us and them to bless.

Giving You great praise

For Salvation in Your son’s days…

Christ–God’s Son,

The Holy One,

Paid our sin debt for all days!

–Jonathan Caswell



Discovered a device medical,

The mention of which sounds heretical…

For drainage scads

They use sanitary pads,

To save on soaked bandaged spectacles!

Unlike in Rehab., it gets lonely

Being with the wife only…

Visiting nurses

Bring one who converses

While bandaging feet–none are homely.

Satisfying the folks who look

At my poetry book…*

This Christian rebel

Wrote “Peter The Pebble,”

To which one nurse’s children have took!

At four AM it’s quiet,

Unlike a June morning’s riot…

Birds on the wing

Aren’t expected to sing,

Where they once were–till springtime when they return once again in my neighborhood–to try it!

–Jonathan Caswell

* my poetry book…available ate amazon.com, and elsewhere…SPIRIT-LED LIMERICKS AND OTHER CHRISTIAN POETRY, by  Jonathan Caswell…I bought a limited number of both the regular and Large Print editions to sell/give away/lend out as needed!

IN HIS WAY, by Carl Gooch


With joy in my heart I face my tasks,

I cannot fail at what my Saviour asks…

Praying and singing I meet the day

As Christ my Lord leads the way.

Awake my soul, sing your praises to Him,

My Lord and Saviour forgives all your sin…

His infinite mercy took my sins away

So His love I’ll reflect in what I do and say!

The ruler of my life is God’s only Son,

His plan is perfect, His will shall be done…

I read His promises in His word every day

I search and listen for what He will say.

His Spirit within me plants a seed:

My strength, my comfort and all I need…

He’s my Great Provider both now and forever,

By His grace we both walk this path together.

Awake my soul–arise–greet this day,

Receive His blessing and walk in His way!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 August 2014



(Proverbs 3:9 and  16:9 )

“Lean not on your own understanding,” *

Why should this be so demanding…

For worry worts,

This Scripture contorts

Their striving for a safe landing.

To “let go and let God” seems trite,

But we struggle with all our might…

To not let go

And trust God will show

An answer in mid-flight!

Taking it day-by-day,

Featured in the twelve-step way…

Has value it in

Down to minute-by-minute,

Reassuring ourselves it’s okay.

For the Lord guides the steps and heart **

Whether we’re ready or not…

The answer that shows

Only He knows,

To trust Him is life’s greatest start.

–Jonathan Caswell

* Proverbs 3:9 (partial quote)

** Proverbs 16:9



Your precious mercy shown

Because of your love unknown…

From sin I am forever free:

Your loving face I’ll see!

My soul with joy can say

A treasure has come today…

Your promises proven true:

Everything good came from you.

Like song birds of spring,

My heart brings praises to sing…

Deep down in my soul I know

You’re with me wherever I go!

Amazed I am by your blessings

For I was a sinner transgressing…

While sin had its grip on me,

Your suffering death set me free!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 23 March 2014

HAIL THE KING, by Carl Gooch


The Lord reigns in righteousness,

His rule is a rule of justice…

He is our shelter from the winds,

A refuge from the angry storms

And like cool water in an arid land,

His hand shields us from the hot sun.

He comes and our blind eyes will see,

He speaks in the ears that will listen…

A troubled heart will receive His love

And a stammering tongue clearly praise!

Then the fool’s folly will be revealed

And the greedy scoundrels will fall…

Wickedness and evil will be cast out,

But the righteous will hail their King.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 17 February 2014