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(Opinion piece)


He got a letter today,

Saying membership was on the way…

But he never qualified

And wondered why,

His wife had cancelled that one, anyway.

It seems to this humble sage

That this would be the age…

Of sucking us dry

Before we die,

By managers at every stage.

Having Medicaid and Medicare,

To some must seem unfair…

So plans appear

Taking over here,

Leaving less for personal care!

And of course funding will someday,

Dry up and blow away…

On borrowed cash

We’re certain to crash

Or be taken over, betrayed.

He’s heard it’s happening too,

From TV programs new…

Retirement funds

Are having leech runs,

Oh what is a guy to do?

Fund managers passing out pieces

Of percentage to maintain places…

All this money

Draws bees like honey,

While investors get stuck with no aces.

If you think Big Government suckled,

Uncle Sam has been cuckoled…

By corporate attitude

Where ANY MONEY’s viewed,

As assets to be sold.


–Jonathan Caswell