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Lets go a dejected sigh,

Asks himself just WHY…

Zipped lips

Managed to trip,

Agog with what met the eye!

His woman friend looked just right,

Leaving for the night…

Forbidden from saying–

On the edge playing,

His tongue flapped at her very sight.

His orders to leave all alone,

By his bosses was driven home…

When the lip slip came

He did feel shame,

And fear of being canned was strong!

–Jonathan Caswell



Eyes went right to her sweater,

Her bosom couldn’t look better…

A brief heart stab

But he didn’t blab,

Returning greetings to the letter!

Her smile was just the same,

Her seated observer she named…

He greeted her

As an Officer,

Playing his part of the game.

I don’t think she minded his viewing,

As long as there was no construing…

Of emotional claim

Or voicing of same,

Be careful in all he was doing!

–Jonathan Caswell