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“Make Way for Ducklings” came out in ‘forty-one,

About a Boston family who chose to get things done…

By raising their duck family in the Boston Garden pool

And became the official nursery book,

Which people thought so cool!

Boston went “duck crazy” with a statue of the same,

A life-sized bronze line of ducks

With international fame…

Ducks still breed in the Boston Garden “Lake” for sure,

Using Swan (paddle) Boats in summertime

The ducks are kept secure!

Surplus amphibious vehicles, “DUK” by name,

Someone started using in the touring game…

And for special occasions instead of a fancy float,

They crank up the whole big fleet…

A parade of Duck Boats!

The thing about Duck Boats, really,

Is they work on sea and land…

In and out of the Charles River I hope you understand,

Rolling down Main Street to cheering crowds…

Our heroes in demand!

Duck Boats come in colors,

Green and red and blue…

During the normal season

They use just a few,

But for the Red Sox…

They’ll pull out all the stops

To make a splash of a happy bash

Until old Boston rocks!  🙂


–Jonathan Caswell







Police forces in Massachusetts

And in St. Louis, as well…

Are gathering extra forces

For celebrations from hell.

The last time Boston won it,

Cars were turned over and burned…

Some would protest police presence

But the need was justifiably earned.

Worcester, Massachusetts, is ready

So the papers say, for onslaught…

Of people ready to party

And damage what they ought not.

It’s weird that a party means “riot”

Can’t folks leave other’s stuff alone?

If they’re going to be antisocial,

It would be better to party at home.


–Jonathan Caswell