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TENDER HEART,,,,by Carl Gooch

Tender Heart
Some may say you fuss and pout.
Well I’ve been inside, I’ve been out.
I know the feelings; there’s no doubt.
So I know what you’re talking about.
It’s so easy to break a tender heart.
You care more for other than yourself.
But you’re all about that tender heart,
You can’t turn away and put it on a shelf.
You must hold true to who you are;
That special angel, that twinkling star.
Don’t let them pick open your scars,
Remember how strong you really are.
When you get tired, tired and weak,
Go to God for the strength you seek.
Walk with Him daily; give it all to Him.
Trusting in Him love, and sing a hymn.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 March 2015