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(of the feline persuasion)


Like “BOWIE”* but less luxuriant,

A British Blue-looking stray…

Sauntered by my picnic table

While I was writing one day.

It looked at me and I looked back,

Its gender was too quick to tell…

It strode along the line of parked cars,

Went back to my business as well.

It didn’t run and I didn’t speak,

I’d seen it around the place…

At least both were on familiar ground

Giving each other their space.


–Jonathan Caswell

* “BOWIE” refers to the eminently famous “Mr. Bowie”, star of the blog:  HANDS ON MR. BOWIE, produced by a cat-lover named Herman, whose photography skills include teaching Mr. Bowie, a British Blue breed of cat, how to take his own picture.  http://hopedog.wordpress.com/