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A Sunni Muslim friend

I’ve worked with doesn’t pretend…

By hook or crook

The People of the Book,+

He’ll attack, confuse and rend.

He changes his username

As part of his viscious game…

Folks unaware

Fall into his snare

And go away not quite the same.

Considering the experience he’s had,

All (but one) Christian is bad…

He was shafted

In a job and laughed at,

His idol…a man called Ahmed Deedat.^

He’s doing what De-Dad did,

Using soft sarcasm to rid…

Bibles of their power,

At each change he’d tower

And mock the Word like a kid.

My friend does a similar thing,

Using only one verse for quoting…

‘Gainst this argument getter

Most don’t know any better

And find his point frustrating..

“My People are not taught to think,” **

In short, their education stinks…

One verse cannot be

Whole doctrine, you see,

Most Bible education:  Rinky-Dink!

“My” Sunni take advantage,

Of the poor training disciples get fledged…

Can’t really fly–

In Bible JUST get by–

Too soon to be pushed off the ledge.

Muslim scripture says lie in wait

Use deception to exacerbate…

Christians’ and Jews’

Religious views,

And always say “Allah is Great.”**

It wasn’t his idea to befriend

This Christian work partner in the end…

But friend I became

Following the Holy Name

Because perhaps…agape’ love didn’t bend.

–Jonathan Caswell

+ “The People of the Book”…specifically Jews and Christians…the Torah: Wisdom, Prophetic and Historical books…and the Bible.

*Ahmed Deedat, recently passed away, is a Muslim advocate seen on You Tube.

 **A paraphrase of Isaiah 5:13.

*** “Allahu Akbar”  means (to many) that God (Allah only) is the greatest….inferring that no other gods, especially the Jewish and Christian god(s) are anything1




The chances being hunk or red-hot babe

Are not the best personal astrolabe*…

Beauty skin deep

Is difficult to keep,

A fuller life is worth the effort made!

People can’t control much how they look,

But for cosmetic advice took…

Most of us are plain

But anxious to gain

Happiness by using hook or crook.


–Jonathan Caswell

* An astrolabe was an early seafaring device used to find one’s position by calculating the angle of the sun and stars.  The allusion is to deciding one’s direction in life. –The Poet.