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As of ten o’clock this morning ’twas here,

Ending of summer for this year…

The picnics you knew

And the hotdogs chewed,

And friends bring memories’ cheer.

Remember when old and grey,

Bittersweet feelings today…

More coats–no bikinis–

Autumn weather, harvest gleanings–

Perhaps a good time by the bay?

Green turning brown,

Halloween candy’s around…

Colorful days

In cooling haze,

Thanksgiving…soon inbound!

–Jonathan Caswell


Gathered from their lairs,

Mostly in pairs…

The gathering

For harvesting

In these cooler airs!

Secret mysteries

How each sees…

Choose to stay

Or  fly away,

To distant properties.

When zombie hordes descend

Will each find a friend?…

Southern flight

may seem right,

As each swan might intend!

–Jonathan Caswell


(Poet is desperate to write something…that is!)

Esther Ling I miss

Her fight against male-run worlds…

Wonder how she is?


Holly’s poetry

Passionate feelings a-fire

But just a poem!


I miss other blogs

Memory tends to down-bog

Following thousands!


Making love seems slim

Getting some back just his whim

Many obstacles


Youth passes him by

Dreams he of being able

As old as you feel?


Loving goes right on

Lighting the lamp with God’s love

The light on a hill


–Jonathan Caswell


Blueberries as a snack,

Oh that takes me back…

We blueberry pick

Not all that quick,

At least a quarter never make it back!



Did you notice a red spot,

On his forehead he’s got?…

It could be a horn

About to be born,

But, I tell you it’s not!

His C-PAP has two feet,

Against the forehead they seat…

Squeezing flesh

Into pressed,

Skin that drains to retreat.

The result, a kind of cyst,

Ugly but forced to exist…

The older nose mask

Similarly cast,

A sore not easily missed!



He wanted to talk it all out,

Inappropriate places no doubt…

Instead of his “yack”

He must take back,

Discerning on where it slips out!

This stuff has wonder and pain,

Feeling less and less again…

Solutions employed

May bring some joy,

But is it worth the tiny gain?

Wants his improvement shared,

But is thee missus prepared?…

If only himself

Is it worth the wealth,

In anticipation he’s already erred.

What is the worth of it all,

Potency naturally falls…

All connected

As God directed,

After we run we crawl!

Surely, God isn’t bad,

Gotta live with whatever we had…

Sometimes improvements

Aren’t worth movements,

Better to be happy not sad!

–Jonathan Caswell


The post from “witlessdatingoverfifty”

Under Old Glory a nifty…

Bronze name plate

Obvious first rate,

By the size I’d say they’re thrifty!

Once made of brass,

Few survive alas…

Scrap metal drives

And changing lives,

Nameplates…belong to the past.

A few  rescued and restored,

Historical districts afford…

Bucking trends

Recycling ends,

With monetary reward!

–Jonathan Caswell


Ron called me outside to see,

A rainbow framing Old Glory…

Ron’s camera frame

Couldn’t hold all of same,

The whole scene  worked wonderfully!

–Jonathan  Caswell