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They’ve missed a feline sound

Since Tippie went into the ground…

At the edge of a field,

She revealed

To any who came around.

Since soft fur dried their tears,

They’re beginning to count in years…

It’s hard to explain

Why they don’t obtain

Another to give them cheer.

When they had the house, strays,

Would appear on occasional days…

They would take them in

And share within,

Whatever they had to raise.

Renting an apartment they find

They’re in a different kind…

Where papers come first

Before hearts burst

With compassion for a feline.

It doesn’t do good at all

That they are “behind the ball”…


And really not free

To answer a stray cat’s call.

They talk and talk and talk,

But he has to balk…

At adopting fur,

They’d be better were

They were balanced in their walk.

If push comes to shove,

They could VOLUNTEER to love…

But she can’t get out

Easily and about,

It is so expensive to love!


–Jonathan Caswell