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HEARS THEM ALL….by Carl Gooch

Hears Them All

My heart rejoices in the Lord;
He’s my strength and motivation.
My lips will praise the Lord,
For I delight in His salvation.

No one can compare to my Lord;
There is no one as holy as He.
My life’s foundation is my Lord,
He is the one who sat me free.

May my only worship to the Lord;
Let it be in Him alone I boast.
And my life’s service be to the Lord,
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

My victory rests in the Lord;
He is my champion and shield.
In all things I call upon the Lord,
Only to Him will my spirit yield.

In pray I can go to the Lord;
No matter how large or small,
They’re all small to the Lord,
And I know He hears them all.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 29 January 2014