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He’s stopped his skirt chasing

to be more with his wife,

He’s pledged himself to her

In the ups and downs of life…

He’s broken up fantasy

By which he had a ball

Focusing on life “right now”

That’s more responsible!

He’s given up the heart-throbs

That weren’t his anyway,

And given up the feelings

For which he said, HOORAY!…

He’s cornered and shut in

No longer young and free,

Not that he ever was

Once in a coupling!

He can look (that’s all he does)

Enjoys what he can see,

Since the nature of his manhood’s changed

His love life’s history…

He may still think of things

From a long time ago,

But why should he hurt himself

When it isn’t real ya know….

Why should he hurt himself

For what’s not really so?