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Forgiven and Free

God has equipped me with strength,
so I may walk blameless with Him.
He has given me cause and desire,
For my heart to sing praise to Him.

He called me out of the darkness,
That I may reflect His love and mercy.
He took my sins and made me clean,
I will testify so all the world may see.

The Lord dwells within my heart,
Exalted is the God of my salvation.
The love of the Lord protects me;
As His child I belong to His Holy nation.

God has given to me a purpose,
To show others what He’s done for me.
He is my sacrifice; He paid the price;
That I may live for Him, forgiven and free.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 06 August 2015

FINAL REST….by Carl Gooch


When my Day has finally come

And life’s race has been won…

In my heart and mind

I’ll see the finish line!

Tears of joy filling my eyes,

As I say my fond goodbyes…

When I leave, don’t weep for me–

My Savior I’ve gone to see.

If you must speak grieving words,

Let it be love that is heard…

Don’t stand and tell lies–

I’ll claim no alibis!

I’ve been just an everyday man,

Struggling to hold my stand…

When lain down

At the edge of town,

With God’s help I’ve kept His commands!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 October 2014

MY SAVIOR NEAR, by Carl Gooch

MY SAVIOR NEAR….by Carl Gooch

In the morning’s cool fall air,

I sit peacefully without care…

A book of love open in my hand

To seek His word and my command.

What doth day hold…how will I fare…

It doesn’t matter when He is there,

Blessings, promises before me lay:

The Lord my God walks with me today!

Noon sun warms my hair,

Rejoice my heart, for His care…

My heart o’er flows in joyous praise

For the Lord watching over me all my days.

When toil becomes too much to bear,

Take it all to the cross, leaving it there…

He gives strength that we can stand

Guided and protected by his hand!

The evening sun sets as I kneel in prayer,

Thanking the Lord that He’s always there…

When my body is weary from running its race

Calm and peace–His  rest sets in place.

I have no worries

And have no fear…

I know my Savior

And He is near!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 07 October 2014

TRULY BLESSED….by Carl Gooch


Christ the true and only light,

He knows our mournful plight…

The one who shows the way–

He’s with us from day-to-day.

Oh Christ, morning star of hope

You ae my strength to help me cope…

My day does not start, it’s true,

Until I’ve received blessing from you.

Before from my bed I rise

It is you who opens my eyes…

My praise of you is just and right,

You stand guard throughout the night!

You lead me in work and play,

You are the breadth of my day…

You give both task and rest

And by your love I am truly blessed.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 01 October 2014

CRADLE TO CROSS, by Carl Gooch


What hope is there for a sinner lost?

Only the hope this Child does bring…

The hope of the world comes from

Christ our Lord, merciful King.

In Bethlehem-town quiet and calm

In the heavens a star shone bright…

Then sang angels in a round

Praises to the Lord of Light.

In drafty stable a Child was born

Who’d become our One salvation…

What a lowly birth for the King of all,

Over every tribe and nation!

He was born our sacrifice

From cradle to cross for thee…

Blood and death were sin’s price

He paid so we could live free.

Carl a. Gooch ~ 25 September 2014

HOLDING ON, by Carl Gooch


By the faith you gave me

I am holding on…

Lord I am holding on…

Holding onto You.

To your loving word

I am holding on….

Trusting in your promises

Holding onto you!


When I get confused

And don’t know what to do,

I hold on extra tight…

To what I know is right,

I am holding on…

Holding onto you.

By the faith you gave me

I am holding on…

Lord I am holding on…

Holding onto you!

When I’m tired and weak,

It’s your rest I seek…

So I call upon your name

And your strength I claim,

I am holding on Lord…

Holding onto you.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 August 2014

IN HIS WAY, by Carl Gooch


With joy in my heart I face my tasks,

I cannot fail at what my Saviour asks…

Praying and singing I meet the day

As Christ my Lord leads the way.

Awake my soul, sing your praises to Him,

My Lord and Saviour forgives all your sin…

His infinite mercy took my sins away

So His love I’ll reflect in what I do and say!

The ruler of my life is God’s only Son,

His plan is perfect, His will shall be done…

I read His promises in His word every day

I search and listen for what He will say.

His Spirit within me plants a seed:

My strength, my comfort and all I need…

He’s my Great Provider both now and forever,

By His grace we both walk this path together.

Awake my soul–arise–greet this day,

Receive His blessing and walk in His way!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 August 2014