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I hear birds singing sweetly in the sky,

It’s their song of praise and I know why…

I look up and see the birds flying free

And I know my Lord watches over me!

Trust in our Lord, rely on his love,

He’ll provide for us day by day…

Call upon His strength and mercy–

He grants us power to walk in His way.

I sit surrounded by flowers of the field,

Their beauty relaxes and His glory reveals…

My heart is opened, my spirit bursts free

For in splendor my Lord has clothed me.

Trust in your Lord, rely on His love,

He’ll provide for day-to-day…

He is our refuge and fortress

Receive His strength while you pray.

When we are faced with fear or woe

He is there to show which way to go…

Our Lord provides for every need

An in love His blessings to us exceed!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 08 May 2014

THERE WITH ME….by Carl Gooch


My sweet Lord is there with me

On the Highest mountain,

Or in the lowest valley…

My sweet Lord is there with me.

Early when I rise

And I say my morning prayer,

His glory shines around me…

And I know my Lord is there.

When those storm clouds come

And threaten me with rain,

I don’t tremble in fear…

I know the Son will come again.

My sweet Lord is there with me

On the highest mountain,

Or in the lowest valley…

My sweet Lord is there!

It matters not what I’ve to face,

Troubles will come, I know,

But I am safe in His loving arms…

Resting assuredly in His grace!

My sweet Lord is there with me

On the highest mountain,

Or in the lowest valley…

My sweet Lord is here with me!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 29 April 2014

IN OUR HOMES…by Carl A. Gooch


In our homes, Lord let it be

Your love that our children see…

Keep our faith strong and true

And our hearts filled with You.

Guide our lives by your word,

Let your promises be heard…

Let each heart repeat your story

And our lives proclaim your glory.

As we gather, father and son,

We’ll speak of what you have done…

As mother quiets a baby’s cry

She’ll sing your praise in lullaby.

All of us, your children dear,

You comfort in time of fear…

Around us we feel your embrace

And thank you God for your sweet grace!

Carl A, Gooch ~ 28 March 2014

MERCY GAVE…by Carl A. Gooch


Lord lead me night and day,

Keep me firmly in Your way…

Wrap me in Your loving care–

I am safe when you are there!

Be my teacher as from my youth,

Let me never stray from Your truth…

I will not perish from the sifting sand

As long as You hold my hand!

My Lord and Saviour in calm and strife

Death cannot claim me for You are life…

No dark sins upon my garments stain

As I walk within Christ’s righteous reign.

Oh Lord, open my mouth in praise,

Let me reflect Your love all my days…

Use me Lord from cradle to grave–

Grace You showed when mercy You gave!

–Carl A. Gooch ~ 25 February 2014