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This young fellow took a journey,

Figuring out what he was earning…

To see sights

And city lights,

The hole in his pocket burning.

He got too close to the flame,

His money ran out to sustain

His party life

But it wiped

Him out totally when drained.

They called him the Prodigal son,

He wasn’t the only one…

His bro. miss-clued

With the wrong attitude,

Unwilling to see the son.

–Jonathan Caswell



by Carl Gooch

Lord of Love and Light,

You keep me through the night…

As I rested in Your arm

Protecting me from harm.

As my eyes open today

Help me show your love every way…

Let not my lips refrain

The joyous praise I contain!

As I awake refreshed and new

Keep me grateful for all that You do…

My heart over-flows with love

As I count blessings from above.

Mighty God–merciful Lord–

Teach and fill me to my core…

Grant me Your words to share,

Reflecting Your loving care!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 03 May 2015

I REMEMBER…by Carl Gooch


Oh, I remember well;…

Stories Momma would tell

Of how Jesus for me

Died on Calvary.

I remember well

The prophets did foretell…

Salvation would come to be,

God’s mercy setting me free.

Oh and I remember well,

My mind clear as a bell…

Christ opened my eyes to see

The love God has for me!

I remember well

The stories Momma would tell…

That Jesus died for me

A dark day’s Calvary.

And I remember well

How nightly her tears fell…

As Momma knelt praying for me,

God listened–showing mercy.

I do remember well

The stories Momma would tell

Of how Jesus died for me

That dark Day on Calvary!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 03 March 2015

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Winter’s chill has come and past,

Memories linger of its frigid blast…

Strong winds howled with bitter groans

That left sore muscles and aching bones.

In my struggles He helps me grow,

That every part of me will know…

Whether in harsh days or in fair

I call on my Lord and He is there!

A gentle breeze flows on a warm day,

Soft cottony clouds float past my way…

I am truly blessed and adored

As I rest in the arms of my Lord.

He is there in every season,

Grants me life and gives it reason…

Christ is the source of strength and love:

He is my Savior, the Way to heaven above!

–Carl A. Gooch~ 03 February 2015


COMING ATTRACTIONS (as of 9/5/14):

(I’m jumping the gun a LITTLE…here!)

AFTER tonight and a week’s rest….I’ll be back blogging September 15th, 2014…I hope.!

I’m planning a “Carl Gooch Poetry Marathon” as soon as I can get on the other computer I use and use the printer–poor guy, I’m at least a month behind in my transcribing!

Poetic forms I want to try in the future include the tanka, haibun…and MAYBE knuckle down to produce a sonnet or two!

Maybe some time in the Adirondack Mountains (part of this next week) will stimulate those creative juices again—SLURP!  🙂


(A waterfall near Johnsburg, NY, my wife’s birthplace)

My wife’s 60th birthday is Monday…I married an older woman ( ! )…will celebrate by visiting my in-laws!

Am always open to (clean) suggestions as to poetry topics.

Thank you all for the privilege of blogging here!

Yours in Poetry,

–Jonathan Caswell



Mercy came from endless love

Poured out from heaven above…

God’s own son brought me grace

And upon the cross took my place.

My loving Lord, who had no sin

Took mine that I may live with Him…

Each sting of the lash for me

He suffered to set me free.

His great love for me showed

Blood was shed and atoning flowed…

Then He lay in a cold dark grave

From which He rose my soul to save!

Love and joy great swells within,

Bright are the days I walk with Him…

Humbly my heart sings cheerily

For His blessings given to me.

I proclaim to man and nation

The is but One who brings salvation…

My Lord Jesus Christ…God’s own son

With mercy and grace my victory won!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 16 May 2014

JOIN HIM IN UNITY….by Carl Gooch


Upon the cross for all to see,

Love displayed for you and me…

He suffered pain and agony

So from sin we could be free.

The stench of death hung about

As the soldiers cheer and shout…

They scorned and mocked Him,

Yet He forgave even them!

His dying breath His mercy shown,

Seeds of His Fathers love were sown…

For dark sins someone had to die

So He paid the price for sinners’ cry.

He is my saving strength, my Source,

He is my compass to stay on course…

His love won’t end with cross or grave…

His salvation to me He endlessly gave.

Nailed upon the cross, all see,

His love displayed that I claim for me…

His death, suffering agony

He endured that we join Him in eternity!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 12 May 2014



I was blind–wandering in the dark–

Thinking all was fine, but I was lost…

But God had mercy on my foolish heart

And sent His son to pay the cost.

My Lord is the source of all good,

I trust in my God above…

I say my hope is in God alone

And the full blessings of His love!

Oh Lord, you’ve opened my eyes,

I have seen how wrong I’ve been…

Lead and guide me in Your ways

So all see your Spirit within.

My mind was filled with much information

That meant nothing without revelation…

That only through Christ is there salvation

(Hope assured brings peace, satisfaction)

Through me may they see His reflection!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 29 April 2014

GOD’S OWN SON….by Carl A. Gooch


And I said…

Where can I turn…?

Who will hear my plea?

I’ve been so lost…

Is there any hope for me?

That’s why…

I’m not one to point fingers,

It’s not my place you see…

I won’t call you names,

Not for me to judge…

I will tell you, though

Who set me free.

You may have heard tell

And it’s true what they say

How bad I was in my past…

But that was the past,

Not what I am today!

And I said…

Where can I turn…?

Who will hear my plea?

I’ve been so lost…

Is there any hope for me?

Then Jesus came into my life

And His love made me whole…

He forgave all of my sins

And saved this lonely lost soul!

I found out that it’s true,

His love for me and you…

No matter what you’ve done

The price was paid by God’s own Son.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 22 April 2014

WHAT A MORNING!….by Carl A. Gooch


Oh what a morning,

Oh what a day…

When Jesus brought

Salvation my way!

I was in despair,

Doomed to the grave…

God sent His Son

And mercy He gave.

Out of sin’s darkness

He called me by name…

Now and forever

I will praise His name!

Oh what a morning,

Oh what a day…

When Jesus brought

Salvation my way.

I am still amazed

He came for this sinner…

Satan and Death defeated

And made me a winner!

–Carl A. Gooch ~ 8 April 2014