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To stay healthy one must be rich,

To every five years ditch…

Old C-PAP for new

And pay for it too,

Being poor a definite glitch!

Will my insurance pay?

It didn’t in another guy’s way…

We’ll do what we can

On financial demands,

We’ll find ways the debt to defray!

–Jonathan Caswell


Caught a bid slowdown in traffic,

Three lanes pretty much static…

Halter-topped gal

Getting help from a pal,

Our driving as a result became erratic!

All three lanes stuffed to the gills,

Those Friday night commuter ills…

Radio said a crash

Behind us would last,

Long enough to give one chills.

Changing lanes is art,

Practised by those thought smart…

Brake for sudden stops

One must have the chops,

To floor it when stopped lines start!

–Jonathan Caswell


Hitting the ground running,

No time for coffee or humming…

Calls fast and thick–

Remain on that stick–

Listen to spent shells falling!

Rapid-fire telephones answered,

Internal calls transferred…

Certain time taken

For cheerful farewell making,

Another work’s day-full interred.

on the fly!,Past five o’clock, evening shift

In through a swiped-card door drift…

Product inspection

And failure dissection,

Smell that hot oven whiff!

–Jonathan Caswell


She didn’t want the bikini,

In truth she wasn’t that teeny ..

Amply supplied

For a one- piece she vied,

Her mother was a meany!

Crochet showed too much,

Sheer fabric wasn’t that much…


Is harder to see,

In clearance sales and such.

She had her birthday suit,

To wear THAT the question was moot…

Not risking arrest

She made her best

Decision on what would be cute.

–Jonathan Caswell



Celebrations for what is left…

Two days of fun

Lest your the weekend run,

Work obligations hold less heft!

What does the one of God say.

It’s not time to walk away…

From getting close

To God that we chose,

We feed on Him every day!

Sundays, our worship in view,

Devotion to Him we renew…

The rest of the week

His word we seek,

Modeling it’s importance for you.

–J. Caswell


This morning an angry man

Was caught unaware by a plan…

to block off the drive

Seal Coaters arrived,

He almost lost it –bad plan!

Seal Coating the drive with tar,

He tried inching by parked cars…

Barely squeaked by

One bumper tried,

No scratch, but a long dirty mark!

His wife couldn’t walk the distance,

But managed with his assistance….

To therapy

Managed eventually,

Coming home…walked a shorter distance.

After lunch, returning home,

Less grouchy but a full belly moan…

Five clam cakes first

His tummy would’ve burst,

Not a bit more could he ram home!

–Jonathan Caswell


He saw her walk past with him,

Other times he would’ve given in…

To jealous waves

For the one he can’t have,

Emotions blazing within!

Hardly anything felt,

Recognized  his heart didn’t melt…

She was cute

He was resolute.

Some things he rarely felt!

His fascination gone,

For her…was time moving on…

Sure she looked nice

But he wouldn’t fall twice,

And his job was worth keeping on!

–J.E. Caswell


Modelers who get it running

And built into scenery stunning….

Have his admire

As well as ire,

Taking too much time for grumbling!

–Jonathan Caswell




He wanted to finish wiring

His N-scale layout inspiring…

His deciding, will

There be a bridge or a fill,

That question causing perspiring!

He’d always wanted a trestle,

Over a long boat vessel…

A snip of canal

With tow path trail,

Where ducks and swans might nestle.

But a fill would be easier done,

He’d never actually had one…

A truss bridge to staging

O’er a river raging,

Having TWO bridges might be overdone.

Not enough room, you see,

Accommodating jimcrackery…

Where to put the grist mill

For tourists’ good will,

Complicates it royally!

–Jonathan Caswell


Will you get through your head,

Blood sugar control committed…

Will symptoms cease

E’en libido increased,

Your “A-One-Cee’s are in the red!

Get steady blood sugar control

Your improved health will be full…

Stop fooling–

Use that schooling,

Life still will never be dull.

–Jonathan Caswell