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Kitty kat lovers unite,

You have some help in your fight…

Against loneliness

Someone to caress,

As long as the cat doesn’t bite.

An either/or custody

Arrangement is fine with me…

If I were looking

For a cat-lover booking,

Then I could go there and see!

The site really does exist,

But it’s too late for me to be kissed…

By another cat lover

Or not any other

Than the one that I have “un-missed”!

–Jonathan Caswell

Please Note:  the featuring of the www.PURRsonals.com website in this poem does not constitute any sort of recommendation or financial arrangement between them and the poet.  It is just a neat idea!



(of the feline persuasion)


Like “BOWIE”* but less luxuriant,

A British Blue-looking stray…

Sauntered by my picnic table

While I was writing one day.

It looked at me and I looked back,

Its gender was too quick to tell…

It strode along the line of parked cars,

Went back to my business as well.

It didn’t run and I didn’t speak,

I’d seen it around the place…

At least both were on familiar ground

Giving each other their space.


–Jonathan Caswell

* “BOWIE” refers to the eminently famous “Mr. Bowie”, star of the blog:  HANDS ON MR. BOWIE, produced by a cat-lover named Herman, whose photography skills include teaching Mr. Bowie, a British Blue breed of cat, how to take his own picture.  http://hopedog.wordpress.com/