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A leather-bond book kept,

On a shelf I won’t forget…

A microscope

I need to cope

With print the smallest yet.

Bought in Santo Domingo,

Learning Dominican Republic lingo…

Youth With a Mission

My admission,

‘Eighty-five, my missions mingle!

Ten weeks of varied success,

My bowels weren’t the best…

I know why

I wanted to try,

Was at my girlfriend’s behest.

A few trinkets left from that time,

My girl sought the next in line…

After we split–

Four months was it–

Her marriage to last a lifetime!

Back to the Bible and me,

God led me circuitously…

Into Catskills

Cold water chills,

About which my Dad questioned me.

Twenty-nine years engaged in May,

Blessed by Diana’s okay…

God led us both

Past wedding oaths,

To another place to stay.

Never has been easy,

Living and loving and pleasing…

Together still

Climbing hills,

Our Lord helps us with achieving!

La Santa Biblia remains,

Reminding of my spiritual gains…

At a time when I

Need the Big Guy,

To reinvigorate my aims.

–Jonathan Caswell


The “why” of church-going changes,

It takes a while for some ages…


Was important to me,

Hanging on to inadequate arrangements!

Unfed and in distress,

He was tired of sleeping in, I guess…

Found a house church

In a Catskills search,

That filled his emptiness.

These folk seriously

Studied Bible seriously…

No questions of source–

T’was God , of course,

Living by Faith–that’s for me!

No mention of godesses/earth,

Except as about-pagan mirth…

They felt sorry

For eyes gone starry,

Who pushed away Christ’s full worth.


A lot that biased minds will see…

I believe

Bible texts received,

Were and are inspired Spiritually!

–Jonathan Caswell

(The featured image is of a UNITED METHODIST CHURCH  symbol…a cross inflame  The understanding is that the flame…represents the invigorating power of the Holy Spirit in the church.)