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CHANGE, by Carl Gooch

Change is not always good,
Change is not always bad,
But change will always be
Different from what you had.
When change is offered
Beware of what they speak.
True it may be change,
But is it the change you seek?
Do not trade the path of right,
For what seems an easier way.
It may seem to be a good change
But it will only lead you astray.
Beware of smooth words,
Those that please the ear.
They will confuse the mind
And bring on a bitter tear.
Some pound on their chest
That their pride has bloated.
They soon forget that truth
Doesn’t need to be sugar coated.
In a world filled with change,
To us will come change.
But God’s word does not change,
And that is what should change us.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 23 October 2013