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Children of the Most High

Sons and daughters of the Most High,

Fill your heart with joy, don’t you cry.

Rejoice and sing before all the nations,

Our King has brought to us salvation.

Remember the Joy of His humble birth;

Our Savior came to save all the earth.

A child is born; a Son has been given,

The Lamb was sent that we may be forgiven.

A King of many names was this man of God,

Who with a gentle touch, cold hearts thawed.

Mighty God, Everlasting Father, prince of Peace;

We call our King whose love will never cease.

We stand before Him on holy ground;

He has called us all to gather round.

To our hearts He speaks and calls our names,

His promises of love He spoke always remain.

We are called His adopted son or daughter;

And we can turn to Him our loving Father.

He is the God of our fathers, the God of all.

He calls us by our name, listen hear His call.

We are now children of God! Rejoice brothers!

Let your heart overflow with love for one another.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 06 July 2015