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The book, SPIRIT-LED LIMERICKS AND OTHER CHRISTIAN POETRY, by Jonathan Caswell–is now available in LARGE PRINT!


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Softcover 9781633820333;  Copyright 2014 by Jonathan Caswell.



My Lord, great is your name,

Forever my heart will proclaim…

Your praise is on my lips from birth:

All creation sings of your worth!

Praises from heaven on high:

The Lord our God draws nigh…

Coming from above

Off’ring mercy and love.

The birds that fly–the fish in the sea–

Op’ning sweet flowers and the oak tree…

God made the flocks and herds,

All of creation declare His words.

The Lord set the stars to light the night

And gave His word as our light…

His coming proclaimed by a star,

Led wise men to Him from afar.

Who am I Lord that I should be

By you blessed and set free…

I am just a sinner, lost and alone,

But my soul you named your own!

Lord gracious, majestic and true,

i know I am nothing without you…

But in your love seeing me through

There isn’t anything the two of us can’t do!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 July 2014



My work ended early last night,

Snowfall was steady but slight…

But I was sent home

Earlier though,

I had a delivery that night.

Stacie is one of my friends,

Who appreciates odds and ends…

Of poetry

Delivered by me,

She says they keep her from wit’s end.

Last night I printed a bundle

And to her store did trundle…

But called ahead

To see they were read,

Was happy to over there rumble.

What joy when Stacie answered

My phone call and was “entrancered”…

To receive more

Of my personal store,

The latest from Christmas I’d “lancered”.

I’d also given my book*

To Patrick as a gift to look…

At Christian poetry,

Especially free,

He eagerly thanked me and took!

–Jonathan Caswell

* My one published tome…SPIRIT-LED LIMERICKS AND OTHER CHRISTIAN POETRY…available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble on-line for their individual proprietary Readers, plus as a softcover at Amazon.com and Publish America…both on line in their respective bookstores.  Was published 2011, by PublishAmerica.


Brand New Year

Come now children don’t be shy,
Another year has done gone by.
Leave behind your fear and doubt,
I’ll tell you what I’m talking about.

A brand new adventure lies ahead,
On a path where your faith is fed.
A new day unseen by me and you,
Lives are changed and made new.

Some will see and think you odd,
Because we strive to follow God.
But God’s word will keep us strong,
And school us in right and wrong.

Keep our focus, don’t lose our way;
His love will guide us through the day.
As He walks hand in hand with you,
You will see His promises are true.

No need to doubt, no need to fear,
God has given us a brand new year.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 31 December 2013


Blessed in the Morning

I’m blessed in the morning;
Blessed when evening comes.
Oh, I’m blessed by God above,
Who sent His Holy Son.

I rise up in the morning,
He kept me safe in the night.
Before I even begin the day,
I give Him thanks, it’s only right.

For I’m blessed in the morning;
And blessed when evening comes.

I seek His wisdom and advice,
As I go about my day.
When I am unsure or in need,
All I have to do is pray.

I’m blessed in the morning;
Blessed when evening comes.
Oh, I’m blessed by God above,
Who sent His Holy Son.

When the sun is setting,
I know He is smiling down with love.
As I sit and ponder the day,
I give praise to God above.

For I’m blessed in the morning;
And blessed when evening comes.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 06 December 2013

THE VICTORY WON, by Carl Gooch

The Victory Won

It is good and right to praise the Lord
and make music to His name on high.
So proclaim His love in the morning
and declare His faithfulness at night.

With strings and horns sounding loud,
Lift your voice in song to our Savior King.
The Lord is my joy and my peace,
Out of His love He provides everything.

I am made glad by His mighty deeds,
His many blessings rain down on me.
My heart sings with joy at His name,
Forever will I remember His love for me.

Nothing is impossible by His hand,
In His wisdom the complex is made simple.
Fools do not know nor understand,
His loving mercy revealed from His temple.

The Lord our God, is upright and just.
He is our Salvation, God’s Holy Son.
He paid the price we could not pay,
And rose from the grave the victory won.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 09 December 2013


Evening Prayer
The evening shadows come
And another day is done.
Many trials were faced today,
But you were with me all way.
Lord of the day, Lord of the night;
You guard me with your power and might.
You grant me rest and renew my soul;
You fill me with your love, make me whole.
In my dreams you come to me,
That your will my heart will see.
You strengthen me in my rest,
That your servant may stand the test.
You fill my night with your word,
Letting not my mind be blurred.
I know you’re the truth, way and light;
I trust you by day, I trust you at night.
Lord, I call upon your mercy;
For the times I was too blind to see.
For the times that I was weak,
Your blessed forgiveness I seek.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 17 November 2013


His Presence in Prayer
When I cry dear Father
I know He hears.
He comes to comfort
And dry my tears.
When I am struggling
And doubt sneaks in,
He reveals His truth
That I may not sin.
He is my protector
As the battle rages hot.
In the heat of the fray
He fails me not.
Praise be to the Father
He hears my prayer.
When I ask for help
He is always there.
As I seek to do His will,
He sends His power;
That one as weak as I,
May stand another hour.
His love to me revealed,
His power released in prayer.
Every moment, every turn,
I know His presence there.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 07 November 2013