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I wanted to write a poem

On man’s attitude toward

How to treat women…

It seemed above-board.

I thought  a healthy attitude

Of respect some distance required…

A way to avoid getting close,

Until meeting the girl inspired.

Then Jimmy and Karen Evans,*

The ministry…MARRIAGE TODAY…

Told of a study

That tore my assumptions away.

Jimmy Evans cited a study,

He didn’t say just where…

Where young men saw “R” movies

Which changed attitudes they shared.

After watching but three movies,

Don’t know the measures used…

Young men thought women were objects

For pleasure being abused.

Although the study didn’t measure

Woman’s views to any degree…

Would be logical how girls view themselves

Depends on female roles seen.

These attitudes must’ve been learned somehow,

Originally through Mom and Dad…

Observing them and folks outside

Molding the attitudes had.

We seem to learn by example

Through parents and movie roles…

Respect for women or playing the vamp,

Whichever is etched on souls.

–Jonathan Caswell

* See http://marriagetoday.com/ .  I believe the subject came up during the September 29, 2013, TV broadcast.



Consider the professional believer,
Potentially an old heresy…
Needing a pause in their religion
And a break from liturgy.

Priests in the time of Jesus
Like Zacharias, served the Temple by lot…
Each in their priestly Divisions,
The rest of the year they were off.

How different a priest or rabbi
Who must serve their office alone
And Chaplains are constantly on call…
Unless they leave home!

My Dad was an “on-call” Chaplain
From my earliest memory…
When he’d get back from wherever he’d been
He needed a break from ministry.

So I guess I grew up with this attitude:
There was no need for religion all day…
Being familiar with worship preparations and all
Like a priest, it was for certain days.

When we first were married the wife would play
Christian TV all day long…
I’d get so upset at the constant onslaught,
My feelings were really that strong.

In time with her patience I’ve realized
It’s not the same as running a church…
But part of daily walking in Christ
In the Spirit, putting Christ first.

The “professional” believer I am no more
Though a “tentmaking” is what I have…
Continually seeking wisdom and Light,
While in His name I apply salve.

—Jonathan Caswell