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What is it–two more weeks?

To finish the list that one seeks…

But who seeks Christ

In the Stable of Lights,

Instead of a riotous feast?

Abandoned Christian rites,

By those seeking other sights…

Has the Babe gone pagan,

Replaced by a flagon

Of mead…duly spiced?

Those of us with faith,

Can we say our souls are safe…

Little preparation

Receiving salvation,

From the One virgin gestation?

Two weeks to receive our King

Let Heaven and earth ring…

In the hearts of His people

Under every steeple,

And  whomever in which Christ’s joy might spring!

–Jonathan Caswell




Someone who loves life might concur,

He seems to avoid her…

Not as friendly as before

With eyes on the floor,

Hurrying past in a blur.

He’s not really fond of his goal,

A struggle against a foe old…

Ashamed to be


Caught in his usual role.

It’s as if his pleasure

Inexplicably has to be measured…

With no right

Of pleasure in sight,

Nor allowing himself friends to treasure.

He’s shied away so long,

He wonders if he belongs…

To any group,

Would anyone stoop

To admit to him in their throng?

Unfortunately for his whim,

There are many he knows who love him…

His self-pity jag

Won’t stay in the bag,

Depressed, his self-view is dim.

The man has to take a stand,

With faith he has command…

Emotional woes

Don’t point where he goes,

The need of him is in demand.

All is not as it seems,

Despite those morbid day dreams…

All is not lost–

Christ paid the cost–

He can CHOOSE to counter bad schemes!


–Jonathan  Caswell

(A big part of winning…is choosing.)






Sinking down deep in the Pit

Muddy and “full of it”…

Drowning in mud,

Covered in blood

to wind up a lunch of fish spit.

So hard for me to understand,

But I’m never out of His hand…

I tell you in tears

In spite of my fears,

Christ’s love is never in arrears!


–Jonathan Caswell

*Largely inspired by The Book of Jonah, Chapters One and Two.