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(From the author’s notebook.  Written 4/14/16)

Depression seen as chronic,

Folks judge moronic…

Why choose

And refuse

To be catatonic?

Some have the crazy idea,

Behavior is willful and clear…

Always a choice

With inner voice,

Pointing the way to steer!

“Just stop that,” is a farce,

Who gave you the right to parse…?

Some things are not

As easily shot,

Without making it worse!

Why don’t you understand

Continuing to reprimand…

This creation fallen

Is appalling,

But the way things currently stand?

The chronic depressed are cast,

Into a bullring vast…

One says, “OLE”

All you need to say

Is begone, and the sickness is past”!

We’re often pushed aside,

Who will the “gutless”  abide…?

But Christ’s embrace

Filled with grace

Can heal all that’s inside!

An Opinion Poem..based in part on the author’s personal experience.

–Jonathan Caswell




Subtleness of being down,

One’s objectives float to the ground…

He gained weight

Not caring what he ate,

Complaints?—not a sound!

So many ties to renew,

Because of what’s fallen through…

Counseling must

Return to adjust

Steps away from being blue!

A mock offer to let me live

In the doctor’s house (wouldn’t give)…

In reality just dreaming–

Either might run screaming

Away for the  spectacle relative.

They talked about his escapes.

Those things he often apes…

The need to knuckle down,

Take a walk–hang around–

Too much time spent on them–sour grapes!

She (the doctor) re-wrapped the foot,

Which sore didn’t smell good…

Said to him to hang in

Find a way to make you grin,

We’ll help you improve—understood?

–Jonathan Caswell