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(Eastern U.S.)

Feauring sprinkles, light snow

(When will this winter go?)…

Dinner’s in oven

With extra loving,

That our Lord doth show.

Friends and neighbors pass through

This Common Room, happy to…

Call a hello

As they go

Back to families, I’d assume.

Service was good today,

My singing voice cracked along the way…

Congregation knew the tune

And I was back soon,

Praising God in worship outlay.

Bunnies decorate tables,

Replaced when folks are able…

Patriotism next,

Memorial Day–summer treks–

Coming home folks are so full…they’re not able!

(He means…an “Easter Feaster”!)


–Jonathan Caswell



(a few years ahead of me in school)

Today I thought of Mary,

Who made Methodist time merry…

Her guitar

Made her our star,

‘Though the woman was ordinary.

Like me was milked for what she did,

And after a while she just hid…

No one to care

Beyond her talent there,

Doing as others bid.

I think she left the church,

Being ignored was a besmirch…


Starving like me,

Began her own soul search.

What’s happened I don’t know,

Has she found that God’s Love glow…

Or have some one’s arms

Betrayed her charms

Bringing her life down low?

–Jonathan Caswell



(A sister in the Lord Christ…in church)

At times we were enemies

But out come the friendlies…

When I chose sharing

Out came her caring,

Having similar experience on her knees.

We haven’t crossed swords for years.*

Lately it appears…

She has changed

Or am I not the same ( ? ),

Our conflicts are in arrears?**

Looking into her eyes,

Saw the love that Spirit supplies…

Making sure I understood

That each week she would

Keep track of my fall and rise.

–Jonathan Caswell

* crossed swords…got into a fierce argument

** in arrears…behind us…or deeply indebted !




We’ve had our trip up North,

Eagerly sallying forth…

Toward mountain views

And family too,

Mooring in her home port.

We fed our faces on dainties,

Eggs and sausage, maties!…

With whole wheat bread

Or flapjacks instead,

And real maple syrup when we ate these.

We caught up on family

And folks we were glad to see…

Fences were mended

With those offended,

By something we’d neglected to be.

We were saddened by divorce,

The latest effort to force….

One of our own

To give up his home,

By a cheating conniving lazy bone!*

We each got what we wanted,

A new pair of shoes to be flaunted…

I bought a train

Calendar (on the brain?),

And got to church undaunted.

We got back here in good time,

Before the freeze-up on-line….

But we’ll get the snow,

No escaping I know–

But we’re down from the mountains in rime.


–Jonathan Caswell

* Obviously a tense situation no matter who is involved.  A favorite nephew is on the short end of the stick, in my opinion!





That morning in church he sat,

Afraid to get up for that…

So nice to see

His wife feeling free,

To acknowledge each loving pat.

Sometimes he’s afraid of crowds,

As small as this, though loud…

It was easier to sit

And be done with it,

To struggle with an inner dark cloud.

Pastor and friends came by,

To the pew, with welcoming “HI’s”…

It’s good that they did

Or he might have fled,

Feeling rejection in his eyes.


–Jonathan Caswell

POET’S NOTE:  This may or may not have been a actual event…with certain details changed for dramatic effect—why else???? 🙂




This Sunday’s church was Scarlet Fade,

Whose homecoming without parade…

Filled with joy

At their employ,

With the friends so made.

Coming home to loving ground,

Where God’s Presence did abound…

Brother Sam

Was the man

Who helped them God’s love expound!

Grandparents, fans,

Made special plans…

A cheering section formed,

The band’s spirit warmed

By enthusiastic clapping hands.

Two fans often stood,

For a cell phone movie good…

Excitement in their eyes

Was really no surprise,

Could see it in their faces and their mood.

Radiant love flowed,

Down onto all God moved…

Christ our King

Was everything

With grace and power viewed.

Hence to Fellowship Hall,

Where room was made for all…

Food and drink

And time to think

That our God doth enthrall.

Bid friends a fond adieu,

Some old and some very new…

‘Till we tread

As Jesus said,

To One Day be renewed!

–Jonathan Caswell



Got up really early

But things turned out fine…

My wife went to church with me,

The first in a long time!

She had her shower–I got mine—

We both dressed so nicely…

I’m not so fond of a cowboy check

But I wore it…was laid out for me.

It has been a long time since my wife

Felt good enough to go…

We’d missed going together

For six months or so!

–Jonathan Caswell




He loves to sing and pray

But his social skills drive him away…

Worshipping God

He’s frightened (how odd)

Of standard social interplay.

When his wife came too,

He had strategy to get through…

During their walk

He’d let her talk

For him and he’d listen too.

He knows that at church are his friends,

But the struggle for words never ends…

Without wife in play

There’s little to say,

Without the one on whom he depends.


–Jonathan Caswell





Do you have one in your neighborhood,

A “church” that does little good…

To a deity’s name,

Instead will inflame

Th’opposition to the stuff for which it once stood?

In our regional papers

Are stories of continuing capers…

By a business-cum-church

Who continues besmirch,

Its Christian witness–down to vapors!

It’s painful for me to see,

My Lord’s name pulled down completely…

By an ignorant few

Making up what to do,

‘Cause they “witness” Christianity!


–Jonathan Caswell



Daylight Savings Time this weekend,

We’ve “lost” an extra hour…

With less time to prepare for church

Or get a nice warm shower.

How third shift guys get paid for this

I really have no clue…

In springtime they lose the hour,

In autumn gain one too.

If this were in summertime

My shampooed hair’d dry in the breeze…

This time of year I do fear

The risk of a head freeze.

–Jonathan Caswell