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Even close friends will say,

Why don’t you will it away…

Don’t feel bad

Think of all you have,

Don’t let depression hold sway!

The few who do understand

Know my life’s demands…

And struggle with diet

And how I’m too quiet,

Needing more caretaker friends.

Health professionals think counseling

For me would be freeing…

Becoming less tense

Would be immense,

Helping even my breathing!

For me, blood sugar level,

Becomes its own sort of devil…

Unstable as such

Hurts me much,

With consequences to food revels.

A friend is right–it’s self-inflicted–

Resulting in behavior well-predicted…

Planning is key

To live uprightly,

Not staying on course gets one ticketed!

–Jonathan Caswell




Witness to a close friend

Whose mind is made, may depend…

On something Beyond

A friendship’s bond,

And Love that changes an end.

They may have been close for years,

Observing your faults and fears…

If they see

No change in thee,

They likely will not trust their ears.

A mind made up like Saul’s*

Needs something fantastic to call…

Out power enough

To rattle their stuff,

That unbalances it all!

Their investigation feeds fuel,

Ammunition for the duel…

Preformed in their mind

To other views blind,

The other’s words thrown back so cruel.

“Cast not thy pearls before swine,”**

The time comes to draw the line…

Human logic skewed

Debaters have rued,***

Finding it a waste of their time.

In the end, all one can do: Love;

Being used by the Spirit as a glove…

To comfort and heal

Despite how one feels,

Be gentle as you can, like a dove.****


–Jonathan Caswell

*Saul….renamed Paul…was a young Pharisee who was converted on the road to Damascus (in The Acts of the Apostles…Chapter 9, Verses 1-31)…becoming a missionary for Christ throughout the then-Roman Empire…a overwhelming  majority of the New Testament is composed of his letters to churches and individuals…or others in his ministry writing (most notably Luke, his frequent travel companion, a physician).

** “…before swine…”  The Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 7, verse 6 (the whole verse is useful)

***Galatians 5:20…where most translations have “dissensions” or “strife,” at least one KJV edition I’ve seen uses the term, “debate”.

****Matthew Chapter 10, Verse 16. (NIV says: “shrewd as snakes…innocent as doves”.