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Took out the out-going mail,

As the little mail truck neared…

Emerged from it a familiar face

My friend, called “Coach,” appeared!

An actively literate mailman,

He liked my poetry…

A little shaggier than had been

But talked with him so briefly!

He’ll cover when the other is off,

Must write him some poetry…

Said “goodbye, there Coach,” when he left

And he, “Doctor Caswell”, to me!

–Jonathan Caswell

(in truth..just an M.S.E.-!)



(From the Postman-Poet, “COACH”)

When you first said, “Hello,” I was not sure–

For I had not seen anything like them before.

The sparkle, the shine–

Could I be losing my mind?

I thought I could read them like a book–

They had that exotic “Come hither” look.

But your decorum and mannerisms belied this theory–

So I was left once again to ponder till weary.

But, alas I turned to that place known as my heart–

And it was there I was told where to look for a start.

So I looked up toward the sky–

And I could now see why.

They sparkle, they shine–

They totally blow my mind.

They were a gift to you from up above–

And delivered to you by a snow-white dove.

Now I can enjoy them as all others do–

Those remarkable windows that make you, you.

Now somehow this world is a much sweeter place–

For the windows to your soul have stated their case.

If the innocence of you knows not of what I speak–

It is your gorgeous eyes I will forever seek.

They sparkle, they shine–

They totally blow my mind.

And if you are wondering why it took me years to tell–

It is only now I see them clear as a bell.


* The pseudonym given by a Post Office worker who picks up an out-going mail basket 4-5 times a week from the company where I work 2nd shift as Security.  Some of his work has been used in the local schools to teach English literature and creative writing.  And no, I don’t know his real name.  🙂