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He’s really made some progress,

He’s built some interchange

On both ends of the layout

Which has been rearranged…

Well he’s blowing for the crossing

That N scale train of mine!

Just get that trackage wired…

We’ll make this run on time.

He’s found a perfect match for

A busy industry,

A bright corrugated steel

Building , yes-siree!

And he’s going to make it

Unload salt and coal…

Some woodchips on the side

For gardener’s gold!

He might just have a spur for

An engine house at last,

Except during salt season

When they have to unload fast…

If he ever gets track wired,

They’ll ship that salt at last!

He’s got a cardboard backdrop

With a mirror glued in place…

It’s angled to reflect the track

And not your pretty face!

He’s going build half a bridge

With the mirror below…

so it will suggest that the tracks

Beyond the back drop go!

He’s going to hang a cover

To keep his train tacks clean,

And finalize his future plans

For an operating scheme…

Oh he has lots of train cars,

More than he needs,

He kind of went overboard

In a buying greed!

–Jonathan Caswell

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I did write this to a tune in my heard…one of Johnny Cash’s tunes…FOLSOM PRIsON?