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Some of us hooked on stories,

Little movies with certain glories…

Formerly blind

We renew the mind

Concentrating on other glories.

Reading Romans is a good start,

In any case, get away from that “art”…

Even to see

A train DVD,

Is sufficient to redirect smart.

the formula’s nearly the same

For any movie of shame…

A way-simple plot

The main attractions quickly got,

With flexible positions sustained.

YES…he’s addicted I fear,

Ransomed by his Lord so dear…

Yet day-to-day

He must learn ways,

To keep his intentions in the clear!

Anything to give him a rest,

Although he knows the Bible is best…

Still, he has to strive

To divert from a swan dive,

Back into the mud that he’s confessed.

–Jonathan Caswell




For a believer in Christ, two ways,

Of knowing what feeling guilt says…

Pre- and Post-

List’ning to the Holy Ghost,

Determines which answer to raise.

Finding a sin in life

And not fully dealing with, brings strife…

The Spirit convicts

While one’s ego tricks

Us to thinking this much guilt is rife.

Unless you confess and repent

The Holy Spirit is sent…

To nag you to see

That it’s not totally

Dealt with by personal intent.

This often feels like guilt,

Underwhich one’s stubbornness wilts…

This urging of Spirit,

How most hate to hear it

But He keeps us from our sinful tilts.

Listen, confess and repent,

For that is why His spirit is sent…

Ask forgiveness right then,

Accept it from Him

And resolve then a more Godly bent!

After the process is done

And victory in Jesus is won…

THEN if there’s guilt,

After seeking God’s ilk,

Then Deceiver’s temptations have come.


–Jonathan Caswell

**Developed through reading “PRAYING GOD’S WORD, Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds,” by Beth Moore (2009).