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I know my accent is funny,

But answers I get are rummy…

“No pain,” I say–

Take some anyway–

The pain will make you jumpy.

Came home to a situation,

So many on dish assignation….

No one will ask

How we do the task,

Just add more complication!

And when you DO ASK they follow

Systems they don’t want to swallow…

We’ll do it OUR WAY

Or else we won’t play,

Do it all yourself tomorrow.

Look a gift horse in the mouth,

It’s like you’re throwing them out…

You need the help

So stifle the yelp,

Or be left alone in your “ouch.”

It must feel great looking down

With “compassion” on those around…

You show your caring

By your victims’ despairing

That anything they remember be found!

–Jonathan Caswell

(sometimes you get what you pay for….or not!)