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This weekend the Poet fell ill,

The effects of which he feels still…

Shortness of breath,

Feeling near death,

His wheezing got so shrill!

Spent much of his time in bed,

Getting up every hour, he said…

Or to change position.

A conscious decision,

Keeping the C-PAP straps on his  head

–Jonathan Caswell

TWO GARDENS…by Jonathan Caswell


Adam and Eve in Eden

Didn’t have to do any weeding…

Until the day

They decided to stray,

Then fought  for all they were needing.

A conscious decision just,

When eyes filled with lust…

For being like gods,

What were the odds

Of being then out-thrust?

Another garden comes to view

With another decision, too…

More conscious than the last

A die is cast,

Returning Eden for you.

–Jonathan Caswell

Bible references are:  Genesis Chapter 3, and (among those in the Gospels) Mark 14: 32-42.