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(clearly…a hypothetical situation!  😀  )

Ever have one of those days

When she emits death rays…

No way escape–

Caught by the nape–

When irritation stays.

I would NEVER* complain,

But she acts insane…

She points to me

For insanity,

There’s plenty, plenty of blame!

Lost in ethereal mist,

She hands me a shopping list…

In my shirt sleeves,

Her action peeves,

But we make sure we’ve hugged and kissed.

She got ready to go,

Where are we going, “don’t know…”

No time to spare,

Take it ALL there–

“Why don’t you some good sense grow!”

Trying to put it ON ME,

Her uncertainty…

What did I do–

Not follow through–

It’s our common propensity!

She does the wash and I write,

Cooling down instead of fight…

I’ll do shopping

While she’s basket-hopping,

We should turn out all right.

–Jonathan Caswell

* NEVER…seriously??????



Alas, the car was too hot,

Boiling over more likely than not…

He had to retire

Before there was fire,

The cooling time needed–a lot!

Next week, subconsciously,

Arrival later was key…

Not driven to shame

And self blame,

Or questioning…why should this be?

One too many hugs at church

And a kiss, caused him to search…

He knew (?) they meant well

But it made him dwell

On motives he’d rather not merge.

He knew that it was best

To give his radiator rest…

He missed the first hymn

But felt calmer within,

With a situation he better could trust.

–Jonathan Caswell




Among the duties assigned tonight,

Including turning off some lights…

Are wrinkles,

Stopping the lawn sprinklers

So they won’t run all night.

One sprinkler spray is positioned

I’m sure as requisitioned…

That watery spray

Is right in the way

Of the off switch for which I’m commissioned!

It’s a matter of moving the sprayer,

Or exact timing done with prayer…

Though if I get wet

There won’t be regret,

I’ll be cooler by at least one layer!


–Jonathan Caswell