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It’s hard being chemically dependent,

Maintaining a good profile…

To cope with the moods descendent

If one’s pills are forgotten a while!

It’s harder being a Christian when

Not being healed implies less faith…

One learns to not mention it,

In certain circles to play it safe.

Mood swings require patience

From friends, associates and wife…

Until one finds efficacious

Treatment to last a life.

Be kind to us who struggle,

Daily needing  legal drugs…

We’d like to please those we snuggle

Without the diffident shrugs!

–Jonathan Caswell




We’re saddened by time progressing,

In many ways the world is regressing…

Getting darker in spirit,

Every day you hear it

As one or another hero’s been caught messing.

We look for the future to come,

Remembering lost loved ones…

We try to go on

Dawn after dawn,

With hope that sometimes is done.

So many older folks have died

This year that we’ve been occupied…

With cherishing the few

Who muddle through,

Or at least we can say that we’ve tried.

For those who believe there is hope,

Not depending on booze or dope…

Our Lord saves

Through all high waves,

And givies us the joy to cope.


–Jonathan Caswell