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He felt in himself the dying flames

Coming out of his sin morass…

Readily feeling pain of renewal

Knowing “this too will pass.”

Like a phoenix flaring up

Plunged into cold and annealed…

He must go through the process sure

To find his prospects healed.

Burned by self-lust,

  Warming unto his soul…

Yet corrupting

Punching in him a hole.

Cleaning out Readers a part

Of reclaiming one’s heart….

Unto righteousness

From emptiness,

That deadly a la cart!

–Jonathan Caswell



From talking about Presidents,

To warning of the presence…

Of aliens here,

That we should fear

And speculate on, hence!

That is radio late night,

Listening when you turn out the light…

Spectral things

For which the phone rings

Would be a frightening sight.

Politics gets in as well,

But sometimes it’s hard to tell…

If politicos care

From all the goodies they share,

And seeing their egos swell.

If the subject seems too deranged,

Channels can be changed…

Your bugaboos found

Can stay underground

Till alien troops are arranged!

–Jonathan Caswell

(My sincere apologies to the late night folks–what else can I listen to on the way home from work?)