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They say it still tastes awful,
Like cough syrup in a can…
But I barely taste the stuff,
I’ve had a lot in my life span.

I can taste both Coke and Pepsi
And orange, ginger or lime…
Is there a genetic disposition,
To taste Moxie NONE of the time?

There WAS a change in the formula
Back in the sixties (used now?)…
My quandry is—is it the soda—
Or me that’s different somehow?

I’d like to get a syrup keg*
And mix it for my own…
Consistancy strong enough for me,
Would THAT bring the taste back home?

—Jonathan Caswell

*Moxie products are bottled in my area by the Polar Beverage Co., in Worcester, Mass. Maybe it is time to ask them?!?