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Bible teachers on TV,

Say males ought to be…

Living not looking,

Praying not cooking

Because not sinless is he.

Job’s covenant with his eyes*

Is really no surprise…

For holiness’ sake

One shall not partake

What is pleasurable, otherwise.

And Jesus put down His foot,

Saying in Man there is no good…**

But when he looks

He naturally cooks,

Desire is in his blood.***

So why do men counselors

Contend that the commandment blurs…

Nature, they say,

Is there anyway

So enjoy it when it stirs?

I guess we men have to own

The way we’re made (not a clone)…

Natural desires

Become controlled fires,

Most of us need wives of our own!

THEN…when the eyes stray,

They’ll have a wife where to stay…****

May she be your doe

Wherever you go,

And her breasts be yours alone.

Juxtaposition of need

Is often tainted by greed…

A self-controlled soul

Considers the whole,

Letting the Holy Spirit take a bead. *****

–Jonathan Caswell

* “covenant with his eyes”…see The Book of Job, Chapter 31: verse one ( 1 ).

** Luke 18: 19

*** Matthew 5: 27,28

**** Proverbs 5:18-20

***** “take a bead”…take aim at it




His wife says that few if any men

Would do what he does for her once again…

He wishes that she

Would stop with that creed,

For manhood continues to rend.

Sometimes she seems to say

That a real man wouldn’t act this way…

Which leaves him confused,

Feeling abused

When she says she’s glad he’s this way!

His struggle inside is fierce,

His heart is frequently pierced…

With feelings that flow

With nowhere to go,

No one with whom to express fears.

He has pictures of girls he doesn’t know,

And he knows these have to go….

His focus in life

Is on God and wife,

Anyone else, his progress slows.

One reason he dropped YAHOO,*

Was being faced with what he didn’t want to do…

Having “singles” ads

On his e-mail page, scads

Of temptations of which he was through,

This personal struggle while married

Won’t stop until he’s buried…

The privilege paid

By a covenant made,

And long-standing hope still carried.


—J. Caswell

*YAHOO—Another computer search engine.