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Glowery dark skies,

All is bright seeing your eyes…

Flowers surround you!



Glowery is the day,

When I’m not at your side…

Thoughts of you brighten my way

With flowers turning to the Light!

The Light of God we are,

Who follow Christ Jesus Lord…

Living water springs forth

When to Him we open our heart’s door.

Everyday in God’s kingdom

Is like a sunshiny day…

No cloud or rain can disturb us,

Our Lord through shadow…leads the way.

–Jonathan Caswell


All glowery it looks out there,

Moisture hanging in air…

Darkness all

 Destined to fall,

On its knees to our Creator fair!



Sunshine hid by clouds

Mortals yawn with out-stretched arms

A good soaking rain

Glowery skies  in your eyes

Are worse than having no sun!


–Jonathan E. Caswell, Poet



To my Lord God I sing,

Ruler of everything…

We worship and praise

Throughout our days,

In heaven His angthems ring!

Praises to God in the night,

For Whom all darkness is bright..

Millions of clouds

Him surrounds,

so His subjects have no fright.

Praise to the God Who paid,

His own price  so we can be saved…

Sending His son,

The holy One,

Who His own life down-laid!

God’s Word is food indeed,

New life for those who’d be freed…

Putting us first’

Who once were cursed,

Now may approach and succeed!

Precept-by-precept His book,

The Bible, allows us a look…

On how He treats

And meets,

Those who are with Him took.

Christ the Lord, Father and Spirit,

Three in One, oh can you hear it…?

Creation sings

Love  on wings,

Let us break forth to cheer it!

His creation groans,

Waiting for new bones,,,

There’ll be a time

Creation’s refined,

And His blessed go Home.

–Jonathan Caswell




Looking out the window

At a night-time squall

Marveling at the dervish wind…

Mini twisters

Of the snow enthrall,

White flakes super spinned.

Convenience aside

It makes a lovely sight,

Creation on display…

Stops as quickly

Maybe for the night,

Until we glance away!

–Jonathan Caswell




He moved across the waters

At Beginning of Creation…

Making a Way from that Day

For total Expiation.

Treading the head of the Serpent,

Who in turn bruises His heel…

In His blood our righteousness

Is revealed.

God makes sons from stones

With the gift of faith…

Believing the Word of God

Keeps a sick soul safe.

Healing from laying on of hands,

Passing on His Power…

Sons and Daughters of the Man

Are born this very hour.

Mystics and law-keepers strive

To challenge whom they may…

Both are parts of God’s own Love,

Neither will He betray.

Unity is hard to grasp

For fickle feeble minds…

Let the Lord ease the task,

To open up the blinds!


–Jonathan Caswell