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My Dad stood staring

At the headlight close at hand…

Shining through the rear coach door,

I didn’t understand.

As Mom told me later,

He was facing down his fears…

Of being run over by a train

When he was but eight years.

The car his Dad was driving

Became a crumpled heap…

The sight of the headlight overhead

In the mist he buried deep.

His Dad was killed outright

While he was hurt bad

Taking months of recovery

That awful memory he had!

I didn’t realize on excursion runs

With steam he would stand there so…

Facing down his deepest fear

And telling it to go!

–Jonathan Caswell





The Main building, pictured here,

Has been over one hundred years…

The home that treats

With loving heart beats,

Mentally ill folks it clears.

Binghamton Psychiatric Hospital,

In New York State, meant to heal mental…

Illness young or old,

Come in from the cold

And join the program residential!

My Dad was in the Chaplaincy there,

At one time, for a thousand patients he cared…

With a Rabbi and Priest,

Three men at least

To guide the spiritual care.

Our family lived on the grounds,

All professional staff did to be around….

For critical calls

In resident halls,

Near full moons, you should have heard the sound!

The Main Building, built for treatment

(One of the first in the land) of the inebriate…

Last time I knew

Was vacant too,

Cutting maintenance being expedient.


–Jonathan Caswell

Image of the Main Building is from  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~asylums/binghamton_ny/index.html



“–He sat straight up in bed—“



As everyone who is stressed knows,

It’s not always what they’ve “chose”…

That gets them down

Below the ground,

They’ve got to let  the stress go!

My Dad, Mom once said,

Had too much to worry his head…

Many things to do

And factor into,

He was getting no rest in bed.

Until it happened one night

That Dad gave Mom a fright…

Sat straight up in need,

Said, “Lord take the lead!,”

Fell back and slept through the night.

I often wish in His Name,

That I could do the same…

I have to let go

Of the things I don’t know,

To give God all of my game.

My struggles are because of “me”

Not believing God’s Word humbly…

Total resting on Him

Causes blessing to begin,

And then I will sleep comfortably.

—Jonathan Caswell

(From Facebook…Thanks,  Menachem Karelefsky!)