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Daffodils and iris wink

At dandelions who think…

They were first in fallow

Ground too shallow

On the edges of a former ice rink.

Flowers reach for the sun,

Phototropism’s how it’s done…

Stems bend the way

To catch full sun’s rays,

Turn the pot to straighten them some.

Dandelions are good for wine,

And greens eaten fresh are fine…

But wait too long

And the smell is strong

Of other “seasoning” in time!

Dandelions growing early in the year

Reach for the sky when stems appear…

But cut down frequently

The stems grow short to be,

To produce seed parachutes in the clear.

Magnolia trees blossom North and South,

In the North before the awakened cotton mouth*…

That fragrance in the breeze

May cause someone to sneeze,

But is enjoyed by me and my spouse!

–Jonathan Caswell

* cotton mouth….a poisonous water snake.