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(An Opinion Piece–the author’s)

A subtle reminder to vote,

Don’t let them get your goat…

‘Though nearly the same

Still pick a name,

Dragons of apathy smote!

Winning sides due

To one or two votes include you…

Mandates tendered

By majorities rendered,

Require massive vote numbers too.

Non-voting Americans,

Sputter but make no amends…

So, it’s rigged

for egos too big,

That think “any means can justify ends>”

One wag–namely Clyde Lewis–*

Suggested what’ll make leaders nervous…

Total boycott

Of any votes got,

But would any listen to us?

Or would it lead to a coup,

Abandoning democracy to…

Set martial law

As jackboots call,

On all deemed unworthy—like you!

–Jonathan Caswell

Clyde Lewis*…Host of GROUND ZERO RADIO.