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Two residents moced they said,

One is sicker–one is dead–

Family helps cart out stuff

Each load—isn’t this enough?

Cholren help as they can.

Sadness reigns in grownup eyes,

Determination to finish lies,

In dividing what life has left…

Deciding to whom to gift

Hoping spirits someday lift.

Rental trucks and helpers gone

Away from where memory lives on,

Cleaned and then prepared again

Brand-new neighbors moving in

Will they last so long?

Hard decisions young folks make

As to where the stuff to take,

What will the aging parent need

In the nursing home–

We must decide with speed,

What will the roomate mind?

Qickly distracted children play

While their parents slave away

To try doing as parents ask

Made harser by the task

Of feelings kept inside.

One is moving to a home,

The other dies all alone

but for his God and his faith intact,

Wishing he had more impact

Upon the children he left.

–Jonathan Caswell

P.S.—The wife and I live in elderly housing….and these things happen.