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a tragic hypothetical

a tragic hypothetical

(discussion situation that isn’t always real)

he’s struggled with it all his life,

the answer not solved with a wife…

Several years in

She denied him and then,

Increased barriers–more strife!

By the time she said “yes”,

Diabetic side effects…

Rendered the man

Unable nor can,

Situations that do perplex.

–Jonathan Caswell



It’s not like he can drive a car

And paint it brilliant red…

Be lucky to keep his going

And up to snuff, he said!

There are a few women out there

That he’d like to groove…

Don’t want to betray his wife

So in that way he’ll never move.

Testosterone seems in short supply–

Diabetes took the rest…

His option plle isn’t really high

Although you see he does protest.

Fighting bitterness of many years

Where love was a very hard thing…

Now its gone forever,

Won’t believe much hope of change.

Narrow is the way he treads,

Perhaps that is just as well..

If he didn’t have his strong faith

It would be too much for him, we can tell!!!!

–Jonathan Caswell