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Some debaters never agree,

That gaining God’s grace is free…

‘Spite Galatians 2,

They want to do

And are blinded to what they might see.

Some debates put Paul against James,

In deceptive contesting ‘tween names…

Saying James insists works

Are salvation quirks

And Paul just plays games.

The argument you’ll never win,

The object is to get you to sin…

Denying God’s grace

To the human race,

Replaced by that debater’s whim.

Paul demands obedience,

As does James without remedience…

For both, one is saved

By sacrifice braved

By Jesus Christ’s willing obeisance.

Then AFTER being saved, what then?

Do our works become add-ons again?

We are saved only

By Christ eternally,

God gives us the belief through then.

A difficult point to make:

Good works are for God’s glory sake…

It’s hard to believe

God already achieved

All that we need to partake.

With the unbeliever, don’t give way,

If they don’t want to see, that’s okay…

No matter what they think,

Ignore the sly wink

And do those good works anyway!


–Jonathan Caswell