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Bring up subjects VITAL

To belief may stimulate libel…

From those who see

The attacker is me,

And quickly take up a rifle.

Around here, poetic friends

Don’t start what never ends…

We know where each stands

But no one demands

A duel at dawn or knee bends.*

It’s not to say I won’t act

When questioned or personally attacked…

If the Bible’s misquoted

I will not have gloated,

But pray next time they use more tact.

I split from another fine blog,

‘Cause he or I couldn’t jog…

The others views

And take in the news,

Learned how to fall off MY OWN LOG!

We each choose to be here,

For expression of our crafts so dear…

I know what you are

But really, thus far,

Your way of communicating I’ll cheer.

–Jonathan Caswell

* knee bends…another way of saying to kneel to another idea or concept by choice or being forced to.