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The doctor I had…retired…

And the buyout of his practice required…

A physician new

At a different office to

Continue my care as transpired.

The buyout people were the same,

As my wife’s plan with the same name…

My wife cared

And she gladly shared

He doctor–a woman of fame.

Her doctor we’d seen a long while,

A number of years her style…

We both got to know

‘Cause I had to go

In with the Missus each trial.

So my “new” doctor’s office is mine,

Which we’ve visited for a long time…

Her doctor gladly

Took on me,

‘Cause we’ve known each other over time.


–Jonathan Caswell




My Doctor wants increased
Insulin dose both day and night…
If I could retrain my eating,
I suppose it would work out right.

Above a certain dosage
I easily lose control…
I tend to match the higher,
Check my gravatar to see it is so!

My will power varies
With what stress I go through…
But unthinking nervous eating
Is often my “Waterloo”*.

That sliding insulin scale,
At least the one I’ve used…
To counter binges and judgement poor
Feels like being medically self-abused.

I’m thinking about proper choices,
Veggies better but chips are quicker…
Must encourage myself to turn it around
Or I’ll grow sicker and sicker.

—Jonathan Caswell

*Waterloo was the battlefield where the Emperor of France, Napoleon, met defeat at the hands of a large force commanded by British General Wellington. To meet one’s “Waterloo” is an expression of being defeated by some factor or person or tendency.