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Small change–of little account–

Compared to larger amounts…

I thought I’d pay

For an easier day

But that’s not how it’s turned out!

If I want it–have to start it myself–

And do it for my mental health…

My “suitcase” connectors

Evade their detectors,

Must tear the room apart by myself!

Been tempted to use a clothes hanger,

Of metal like I did when younger…

My soldering iron

Works more like  I’m desiring,

My long history as scrounger.

He’ll get to me when he can,

Helping out as a hired hand…

Could he wire

Turntables as required

And would that be pay on demand?

I went this route to disperse

Concern that my shaking’s worse…

Have to wait my turn–

(This I haven’t learned?)–

Meanwhile I’ll try. till he’s confirmed.

–Jonathan Caswell

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