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I submitted limericks to THE PENTATETTE** for several years. These are just a few.

It’s raining and snowing together,

The perfect Worcester (Mass.) weather…

But here’s the trick,

It better not stick

With cars driving hell-for-leather!


Blogging of a starlet’s spiral

Downwardly took off viral…

What is stank,

She laughs to the bank

Not caring her story’s hirel.


I once had red hair you see,

But grey, black and bald’s left to me…

My prejudice arose

‘Gainst the men I suppose,

Because anger for me was easy!


In October his Mom died of cancer,

After all this time there’s no answer…

Why he’s not cried

But deep inside

The issue takes more than a glance, sir.


He once knew a family from Douglas

Whose home was practically bug-less…

They sprayed lots of mist

With chemical fist,

Poisoned the dog and went pugless!


**THE PENTATETTE is an on-line and printed newsletter specifically for limericks.  See http://www.limericks.org for details.



(Sing to “The Yellow Rose of Texas…” if you want!)


Oh, the snow accumulation

Is lesser up north,

Not a normal situation

When snow sallies forth…

This one came in from the south

And started early,

Where Worcester has about one inch

In Douglas, over three!

Snow fairies must be dancing

Hard in winter swirls,

Longer in the southern

Woods like dancing-girls…

We started plowing earlier

Out in the sticks,

But up north in Worcester

The plow’s called in for six.


–Jonathan Caswell




#2.–A Special Tribute to the DOUGLAS E.M.S.

A special tribute is written

To those EMS women bidden…

Emergency transporting

A basket case resorting

To resistance, panic-driven.

To the cops who helped lift the gurney,

Much praise for your muscles earning…

The respect of us all

To answer the call

Ensuring a husband’s returning!

My wife and I are blest

By your cool under duress…

We’re thankful you are  there,

Folks who do care

In emergency situations…the Best!

–Jonathan Caswell




The Poet’s ambulance ride,

Was done safely inside…

Douglas E.M.S.

Whose care was the best,

‘Though the patient fought treatment and cried.

To Milford, Mass., they flew,

A familiar E.R. going to…

Those E.M.S. women

Kept the Poet from giving

Into not making it through!

–Jonathan Caswell




My wife received a home visit

With conversation exquisite…

When I came back

The discussion track,

Was on our marriage (how is it?).

This third-year medical student,

Attentive and most prudent…

Took a few notes

Including some quotes,

Respectful, she was not im-pudent.*

She’d not been to Douglas before,

Said so as we met at the door…

It must be “thrillage”

To visit our village,

Will she come to visit it more?


–Jonathan Caswell

*Normally the word “impudent” has the first syllable accented when said:          IM-pud-ent.  I have changed the accent onto the second syllable (im-PU-dent) to keep the rhythm of the stanza intact.




(see the wooden bear and boy in previous post)


We have a left-looking bear

In Douglas, Mass.,  there…

In front of a house,

Does the bear have a spouse?

It might be “BRUTUS”, back there!

The bear in town was carved

By a chainsaw artist starved….

For attention and food,

Whimsical attitude

Helps keep his psyche unscarred.

When we visit the Adirondacks,

We go past an artist who whacks…

Out bears from trees

In postures that please,

At least once we stopped in our tracks!

A cute little bear cub,

Popping up as an end-of-the-log nub…

Was thirty-five dollars then,

Bigger “Gentle Ben”*

Was priced at a hundred bills’ grub.

The left-looking bear in Mass.

Is politically correct for his (?) task…

Of looking down the street

For conservatives to beat,

If one of them should do something rash!  🙂

A boy and his bear…what a theme…

A TV exec’s kind of dream,

It’s already been done*

But it’s worth the fun

To set up that picture to screen!


–Jonathan Caswell

*Gentle Ben was the name of a TV series starring a very young Ron Howard Jr.   The bear was a real one…either a very large brown or an average-sized grizzly bear!!!