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An episode of Dr. Oz
Pointed to a cause…
Why “sugar free” brains
Saw largely weight gains,
Information that should give us pause.

I couldn’t stay for the whole show
For to work I had to go…
Artificial sweeteners
Like sugar with spurs,
Hypercharged sugar hunger so!

The signals sent to the brain
Of super sweetness the soda contained…
Blasts out insulin
And desire taking in,
Lots of sugar for all that insulin gain.

That signal with dire prediction
Is sent to the center for addiction…
Like drugs or alcohol
It can take over all
Intent to lose weight by conviction!

Resolution—-according to Oz,
Was to use less artificials for cause….
Substitute natural media
Like guava and stevia,
In home-made brews with less flaws!

–Jonathan Caswell
***DR. OZ is a popular daytime TV program on various stations starring the person with the same name.