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Poppy fields in which,

Dreamers barely twitch…

Lost in dreams

Writing reams

Of psychedelic kitsch.

Dreams lovely to view,

Redheads especially too…

Artfully posed

In ecstasy’s throes?

Exceedingly pleasant to view!

Red–a passionate color,

Hotly passed to the other…

Reflectively disposed

After their throes,

Will she become a mother?

–Jonathan Caswell


From his window he can see

Beautiful bright sunlight…

From the abyss he was in

He welcomes  this cheerful sight!

Freed from wallowing in despair

Opens up a door…

To lively and fresh air

Quickening hearts once more.

Goes back to sleep–

It’s early yet…

Dreaming deep

Of songbirds’ he won’t forget.

–Jonathan Caswell



He had some fancy dreaming

In bed late at night…

Wanting a vision of happiness

That he could sleep on, all right!

He imagined friends that he’d never met

And yearned for their company….

The chances of this happening

Were about one million to three!

Filled with his ego,

In his dream they’d focus on him…

Not to exclusion of everything else

But fantastic, unreal whim.

Of course they were  all his women friends,

Storytellers and poets fine…

He was outnumbered as surely you know

So he had to toe the line!

–Jonathan Caswell



When a tall person dreams,

Appearance is not as it seems,,,

In real life I’m fat

But “they” deal with that

Through useful shrinking schemes!

I go through a very small hole,

How I do is not my control….

The less I think

Then quick as a wink

I’m through—bless my soul!!!

The other night “they” made

A train climb impossible grades…

To a power plant

(An obvious plant),

To help me be happy in trade.

Usually model trains in shops

Remind of after-Christmas stops..

We make for the sales,

(My childhood regails)

While stores made major price drops.

Anyway…there’s always driving,

According to that night’s conniving…

Sometimes in snow

Or water over-flow,

My nerves in either case, are thriving!

Scenes change and swirl at will,

From town to country until…

The alarm ends my sleep

When I’m dreaming so deep,

It takes minutes to remember the drill!

–Jonathan Caswell

(May not REALLY BE…a shaggy dog story…but been working on it long enough!)



(in his dreams)

He kept waking up all night

Struggling each time to breathe…

Dreaming that each breath was a fight

Among providers’ schemes.

His breaths were not his own,

But provided by one of two…

Entities that

Developed a spat,

And in the middle  was “you know who!”

He knew he needed the sleep

So kept going back to bed….

Another layer

Warming each player,

Until the inner silence was deep.

–Jonathan Caswell



Had another dream last night…

Or was it in mid-morning,

Troubled sleep the previous night

Or was it my own snoring?

I dreamt that through my C-PAP mask

Through the nose I was breathing fine…

But my mouth was full of nasty phlegm,

Overflowing with slime.

I was afraid of choking,

I’ve done it while awake before…

I felt it drool out one corner of my mouth

Bracing for what seemed in store.

For I have more than once nearly drowned

In water or in phlegm…

It’s not a pleasant dream to have

Or have to live again!

I awoke–my pillow

Was dry and unslimed…

That corner of my mouth

Had no slobber poorly timed.

The mouth was actually dry

As I started my new day…

As for the effects of another dream,

They faded away.

–Jonathan Caswell